Marine Projects

Marine Projects – custom fit marine hardwood products for Eastern North Carolina, from simple repairs to historic reproductions… Precision loves the challenge!

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marinebox image(1) image(2)I want to thank everyone at Precision Molding in New Bern, NC for providing me with their vast knowledge and quality wood for the recent restoration of my 1961 Barbour Boat Works “Vacationer” 15′ lapstrake runabout.  The end results of my hard work exceeded my wildest dreams…  “Best of Show” honors at this years Wooden Boat Show in Beaufort, NC on May 2, 2015.   J.P. Jr.

Waterline – June 2004 - mp4 The Newsletter of the North Carolina Maritime Museum by Paul Fontenoy, Curator of Maritime Research Building the periauger has proven to be a remarkable experience for all involved:  designer, Watercraft Center manager, supervising boa tbuilder, volunteers and interpreters.  Conceptually, it was such a simple process.  We were going to re-assemble, from balks of cypress, the logs that constituted the boat, but only the part that encompassed the finished boat, omitting the part chopped away by the hypothetical original 18th century builder. In practice it proved very challenging to lay out and draw the complex shapes of the building blocks of the hull, especially in the bow, whose shape varied markedly between the keel and the sheer and crossed the longitudinal axis (the grain) of the conceptual log at very different angles at various levels.  Nevertheless, our drafting team, Les Sadler mainly assisted by Chuck Miffitt and Rolf Anselm, rose to the challenge and succeeded in accurately reproducing the designer’s intent. Construction also presented problems.  It proved difficult to source cypress in the large dimensions we needed, and the project owes much to the successful efforts of Bill Nelson of Precision Mouldings and Woodworks in New Bern in locating the necessary material…



Hi Bill, It’s been months, but I thought you might like to see how well those white oak rails you made for me, turned out.  The boat was completed here in Arapahoe, then hauled back to northern Wisconsin last summer where she was painted and finished.  Finally re-launched into her natal waters where we hope to use her for another 60 or so years. These photos were taken there. Thanks again for the great millwork and interesting conversations.  When I’m in need of quality woods and workmanship again, you’ll be my first call. Merry Christmas, Todd S.


————— Dear Mr. Bill, THANKS for being so kind to us and helping out “Nora” with all her wooden needs! We consider it an honor to know you. Love, N. & K. Gruetzhe Keep track of our adventures on our website:


—————– mp5Catch a look at woodworking in the community!  The New Bern MUM festival will have an exhibit of the B & B Yacht Design’s Bill Nelson was instrumental in the early days of setting up the jigs and materials for this on-going project that brings families together while working on new skills.





Precision helped with a lot of the wood that went into the Ada Mae’s restoration project:

The virgin voyage of Fujiin – interior trim by Precision!