Heart Pine Flooring

HPF2Hundreds of years ago, pine trees were able to grow large enough to develop heartwood.  “Heart pine” is generally considered to be the wood from those first generation, slow growth trees.  The telling characteristics of heart pine are the very tight growth rings and a deep heartwood coloring (usually deep red to orange).   Thanks to these dense growth rings and proper drying treatment, heart pine exhibits a “harder” surface and decay resistance as well as being more stable than that of the white/yellow fast growth, Southern Yellow Pine of today.


After logging, these slow growth trees are rough-sawn into lumber that is stacked for air-drying.  Once they have reached a workable moisture level, the lumber is kiln dried.  Kiln drying is a scientific application of heat that gradually “cures” the wood, or “sets the pitch”.   After being kiln dried to specific moisture content, the lumber is milled into fine flooring, stairs, and exquisite millwork — showing off its fine patina and ageless beauty.

Five generations of traditional woodworking craftsmanship create the products of today for the homes of tomorrow.